Strawberry Pie Premium Hemp Preroll


Considered by most to be the premier CBD strain of 2019 “Strawberry Pie“ tests at a whopping 21.86% CBDA. More important than the lab test is the incredible aroma/taste of this varietal. It is the only Hemp strain we’ve seen that actually smells exactly like it’s name. It’s a phenomenal flower that tends to make people feel creative and uplifted. Not a “sleepy” strain. It’s lineage can be traced back to AC/DC and Harle Tsu strains.

-<0.3% THC

-Not a Marijuana product


Supplement facts:
1g of Premium Hemp Flower

Contains <0.3% THC

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an all-natural compound derived from Hemp or Marijuana plants. CBD has a growing reputation for its potential to help with anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and more. Unlike THC, pure CBD will not cause a “high” as it does not have psychoactive properties. It may, however, help encourage a state of calm and boost overall wellness. Our premium hemp flower is derived from organic, premium-grade Industrial Hemp grown with sustainable methods.

What are the benefits of Premium Hemp Flower?

Benefits of Premium Hemp Flower may include:

-Decreased pain and/or inflammation
-Reduced Stress

Additional information

Weight 1 oz


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